Friday, March 28, 2008

BEAT BYTES: Waters likes Segert, Not Tax Levy; Rosman likes Sturtz in First Ward

In a surprise blow to the status quo, Columbia Tribune editor Hank Waters gave Columbia school board candidate Ines Segert a thumbs up and the proposed school tax levy a thumbs down this past Monday. Waters rarely criticizes tax increases of any kind, especially a school tax increase. In the story below, the caps are mine, illustrating my amazement.

Yesterday, Columbia Missourian columnist David Rosman laid out the case for electing Paul Sturtz to the Columbia City Council, First Ward. Here are some excerpts:

School openness: The board itself is key
by Hank Waters for the Columbia Daily Tribune

In my discussions with school board candidates and in their answers to questions in public forums, all of them will acknowledge problems with "communications." For most of them this implies some sort of shared obligation with the public.....The ability and responsibility for better communications rest with school officials themselves....The only school board candidate who clearly understands this issue is Ines Segert.

If the moment has come for a real step-back-and-look at the status of Columbia public schools, it won’t happen without fairly, but forcefully, holding the feet of officers to the fire. On this ground,
Segert clearly is the best of the candidates and Rose seems to be getting the idea. The others are good and smart people but essentially defenders of the status quo.

This does not mean the status quo is without merit. It does mean the only way its deadening grasp can be loosened is by the election of truly inquisitive board members and by DEFEAT OF THE APRIL 8 TAX LEVY INCREASE. Only then will we really see how creative officials can be. I believe they have the ability to design a leaner budget that actually can enhance the primary relationship between teachers and students.

Sturtz is the best choice in the First Ward
by David Rosman for the Columbia Missourian

Almeta Crayton has been a wonderful representative for the First Ward. Unfortunately, the complaint I hear most concerns her apparent representation of only one segment of her ward.....

[Paul Sturtz's] vision is more global than just the First Ward. I believe he understands thoroughly how the economics and lives in this widely diverse district affect and are affected by the entire city and the region. I believe he can move the council forward, provided he can be successful in building multiple coalitions...... Paul has the ability, knowledge and energy to accomplish all of this....I believe he is the right person to see Columbia grown, prosper and achieve the greatness it solely deserves. If you live in the First Ward, I urge you to place your mark next to Paul Sturtz for City Council.

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  1. I've heard there might be a lot of bullet voting for Segert. Folks are entirely fed up with the school district.

    Also in the Trib, Almeta did not answer the question on the questionnaire about TIFs, wonder want her views are on that?