Friday, April 25, 2008

The Columbia Heart Beat -- 4/21/08

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The Columbia Heart Beat -- 4/21/08

Paper-less News for Paper-free Neighbors:
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TAKE OUR NEW POLLS: CPS Budget Cuts; More Money for Cops!

5TH WARD'S NAUSER: To Present Crime-Fighting Plan
COUNCIL COUNTDOWN: Tomorrow Night's Meeting
PRIVATE SECURITY: For Crime-Weary Neighbors?
NEW POLLS: Should the Police Chief Ask for More Officers? Should CPS
Ditch More Budget Cuts?
SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: Find their Inner Yoda
COUNTY COUNTDOWN: Sullivan Comes out Swinging; Stone exits Commission race
THE CHANGE GANG: Schuster Shocker; Germond Saves Chase

GRANT SCHOOL: Recruits Students
WADE AND WATKINS: Save Old Southwest Sidewalk

NO MO MOLES: #1 Mole Repellent
READERS RITE Snippets from longer letters
PARTING THOUGHTS: One Helluva Funeral
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Human Rights Commission events/Etc.

CLASSIC CREDITS: This Week's Opening Theme Song
"Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!"

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