Friday, February 26, 2010

RUMOR HAS IT: "Giant" liquor store planned for Brady's Glass Bldg?

COLUMBIA, 2/27/10  (Beat Byte) --  Now that it's empty, rumors are swirling that the old Brady's Glass building on the corner of Providence and Ash streets is destined to become a liquor store.
"I've heard the same rumor," said building and Brady's Glass owner Jerry Brady, who confirmed the sale of his building but said he doesn't know what the new owners -- the Patel Family that owns Eagle Liquor on 1-70 Drive SW -- plans to do with it.  "It's nothing I can control, and it's really none of my business," Brady told the Heart Beat. 
Asking that her name be withheld, a nearby neighbor expressed concern.  "Great!  Just what Columbia needs -- another liquor store on Providence," she said.  "Across from a high school, a park, and a housing project."  [Douglass High School, Douglass Park, and Columbia Public Housing].
Brady told the Columbia Heart Beat that rumors his own business is going under are completely false.  "We're just relocating, and we currently have our eyes on four possible different buildings, all in Columbia," he said. 
NOLAN LEAVES EAGLE:  Popular Columbia radio host heads to Syracuse
COLUMBIA, 2/24/10  (Beat Byte) --  Popular Libertarian radio talk show host and one-time presidential candidate Gary Nolan -- an afternoon staple for the past few years at Columbia's KSSZ 93.9 The Eagle FM -- is leaving Columbia for Syracuse, New York.
Nolan (right) leaves his show -- The Drive with Gary Nolan -- for WLTI/105.9 in Syracuse for the 4-7 p.m. shift.   Other hosts at WLTI include Dave Ramsey, Michael Smerconish and Mark Levin. 

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