Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CAMPAIGN FINANCES: Wade, Sessions, Skala lead

COLUMBIA, 3/2/10  (Beat Byte) -- Several local candidates have filed campaign finance reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission.  So far, Columbia mayoral candidate Jerry Wade leads, with collections totalling $21,381.

Wade's biggest contributors include former Missouri state representative Tim Harlan ($200) and former state rep candidate Candace Iveson ($200).  Mayoral candidates Bob McDavid ($6,080) and Paul Love (less than $500) trail.

School board candidate Jonathan Sessions (left, Missourian photo) leads his opponent Phil Peters, with $10,793 to Peters' $2,533.  Sessions largest donors include Russell Potterfield ($500); pharmacist Bob Kilgore ($250); and his own firm, Tech 2 Consulting ($950). 

In Columbia City Council races, 4th Ward candidate Sarah Read reported $5,745, with a large donation from MU student Molly Read ($1,000).   3rd Ward candidate Karl Skala reports $7,133, with a large donation from Deanna Walkenbach ($400).     

Boone County Commission candidates J. Scott Christianson and Bondi Wood have filed organization papers only.   Other candidates had not yet filed as of today.    


Jerry Wade for Mayor


  1. These links don't seem to work, Mike.

  2. never mind, they are making PDFs and saving them. G

  3. Thx!

    Just checked all of the links. They seem to be working fine for me. They're PDF documents, and a start page comes up saying that they're downloading and that it may take some time.

    But they all downloaded just fine.

  4. Is MU student Molly Read the daughter of Sarah Read? Curious.