Monday, August 16, 2010

CITY CONSTRUCTION FUNDS: To replace GMC Yukon truck!

COLUMBIA, 8/15/10  (Beat Byte) --  In an odd twist to the "lack of fire department funding " story, the Columbia City Council Monday night will consider replacing a 14-year-old GMC Yukon truck for the fire department with money from one of City Hall's 27 funds. 
But the money isn't coming from the General Fund, which supports firefighting services.  Instead, it's coming from the $57 million Capital Projects Fund.  From that fund, it will go into a General Fund account called the General Fund Fire Department Trucks Account. 
By the city's own definition, the Capital Projects Fund is "to be used for the acquisition or construction of major capital facilities or improvements."  How replacing a 1996 GMC Yukon falls under these guidelines isn't explained in the proposed ordinance.   
What's more, though the Columbia Airport has its own $18 million fund -- the Airport Fund -- the proposed ordinance seeks to transfer another $350,000 from the Capital Projects Fund for "working capital for the airport."
That transfer, the attached Staff report says, will "reduce the amount of funds available for future capital projects."
In other words, it will actually detract from the requirements of the Capital Projects Fund!   
In fact, Council Bill B213-10 transfers and appropriates money from several numbered accounts contained in the Capital Project Fund, mostly at the request of the City Manager. 
From the Walton Building Renovation Project Account (No. 440-8800-508.49-90) to the Convention and Tourism Fund Account (No. 229-0000-341.10-00)
From the Fire Apparatus Project Account (440-8800-518.49-90) to the General Fund Fire Department Trucks Account (110-2320-513.65-25).
From the Capital Project Fund Interfund Transfers Account (440-8800-800.81-59) to the Airport Interfund Transfers Account.
The ordinance even includes a short-term $340,000 loan, of sorts, for billionaire Stan Kroenke's Stadium Transportation Development District -- monies eventually due back from the Missouri Dept. of Transportation. 
"Staff has billed Mo DOT," the report says.  How long they will take to pay that bill, however, isn't discussed. 
B213-10:  AN ORDINANCE transferring balances and appropriating funds from Capital Projects funds
More money-moving on Monday:

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