Friday, August 27, 2010

'CREATIVE' JOBS: Columbia named as hub for "creative class"

COLUMBIA, 8/26/10  (Beat Byte) -- Columbia has joined an elite group of cities as a growing hub for so-called "creative class" jobs, Richard Florida, author of The Creative Class said in The Atlantic Monthly yesterday.
"College towns stand out," Florida explained, noting that with a projected 16.4% increase in creative class jobs, Columbia is number 8 out of 10, just above Durham, N.C.
Calling creative class jobs "higher-paying, higher-skill jobs for knowledge, professional, and creative workers," Florida writes that "more than 35 million people are currently employed in creative class work in fields like science, technology, and engineering; business, finance, and management; law, health care, and education; and arts, culture, media, and entertainment."
Also good news:  "Creative class employment has seen relatively low rates of unemployment during the course of the economic crisis." 

COLUMBIA BOOK BARON:  Goes social media with new education service

COLUMBIA, 8/26/10  (Beat Byte) -- Former Columbia Mayor Bob Pugh (below) -- a sometime guest of the Heart Beat's Readers Write section -- is doing some Xplana. 
Pugh is taking his Columbia-based academic book giant MBS Books into the social media age
with Xplana, "a new student learning platform that bridges social networking and the traditional elements of education to transform the way students manage their academic lives," according to a company press release.
Also based in Columbia, Xplana "begins the student experience with a focus on the individual and his or her personal study needs."   The platform also makes liberal use of resources "outside the book," explained Xplana Chief Executive Officer Dennis Flanagan.
As a social networking site, Xplana "enables students to create and participate in their own study groups, strengthening their interaction with other learners and helping focus their studies around a course, textbook, or assignment."  Mobile applications for the iPhone and Android devices are also in the works.

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