Thursday, September 9, 2010

BUSINESS FAVE: AutoZone auto parts

At AutoZone on the Business Loop, I came in with a dead car battery on one of our recent Mo-hot, wicked-humid days. 
The battery was only a couple years old, but it had sat unused and wouldn't charge using standard jumper cables.  I was sure I'd have to replace it (for over $100), and so plunked it on the counter for recycling.  I was hot, tired, and grumpy, but Autozone's technician was friendly and helpful.  "This battery shouldn't need replacing," he said.  "It's probably still on warranty.  It's way too new."
If I had the original receipt, he could replace it no matter where I bought it.  I didn't (at least, not handy).  "I can try charging it," he said.  But I had already tried that -- several times.  "Our charger is like driving the battery in a car for a month," he said.  "It's way more powerful than jumper cables." 
I left for an hour while he charged the battery on Autozone's machine.  "It's all charged," he said when I came back.  I asked him what I owed.  "Nothing," he said.   I couldn't believe it.  I'd been working in the yard, was sweaty, grimy, grubbily-dressed, and wasn't buying anything else.   And Autozone could have sold me an expensive new car battery.
Instead, their customer service technician took all that time and effort to help me out, free of charge! 
Corner of Business Loop 70 and Coats Street, just down from Hickman High

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