Monday, September 20, 2010

LIBRARY KITTY: Lost cat at library prompts search for home

COLUMBIA, 9/20/10  (Beat Byte) --  A well-groomed, "super sweet house cat" found wandering hungry and alone at the Columbia Public Library has prompted area neighbors to launch a city-wide search for her home.
"My wife and I found the cat in the public library parking lot on September 14," said Brian Taulbee, who has posted pictures online and around the neighborhood looking for her owner.  "She was very well groomed and behaved, but very hungry.   She seemed to be scared of everything, so we took her in."
Taulbee and wife Mallory have since put some 35 fliers around the neighborhood south of the library, which is on the corner of West Broadway and Garth.   "But we haven't had any luck," he explained. 
Given the cat's loving disposition, the Taulbees could keep her.  But that's exactly why they're searching for home.    "She is a super sweet house cat that obviously belonged to someone who took very good care of her," Brian Taulbee said.   "This is a well loved cat, and I'm sure someone really misses her." 
Photos of the Library Kitty

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