Thursday, October 14, 2010


COLUMBIA, 10/14/10  (Beat Byte) --  An ID theft and car break-in gang that plagued Columbia (CPD photo left) last month may have lost six members to a law enforcement sting in St. Louis.
Charged with conspiracy to defraud, Melvin Brooks, Keith Lee, Kathryn Stephens and Ida Horton were arrested after a police stakeout found a GPS device programmed with the sites of 30 break-ins including gyms, hotels and Bank of America branches -- similar facilities targeted in Columbia.
Also charged were Katie Vincent and Taylor Henry after tellers at a Baden, Missouri bank reported an attempt to cash a stolen check. 
From both Florida and Tennessee, the apprehended gang members allegedly smashed windows and took purses from ten St. Louis cars in late August.  In one St. Louis-area theft, a woman's stolen drivers license was used at banks in Lebanon, Mo. and Columbia to cash stolen checks.  A dark Chevrolet Malibu was implicated in both the Columbia and St. Louis crimes. 
The group may have ties to the so-called Felony Lane Gang that has plagued the southeastern U.S. for several years and has lost members to other arrests.   Google "Felony Lane Gang" for their history. 

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