Saturday, March 12, 2011

CLARK OUT: Board impeaches neighborhood association president

A long-time leader quietly ousted  
COLUMBIA, 3/12/11  (Beat Byte) --  With little fanfare, quiet tact, and few if any precedents, the North Central Columbia Neighborhood Association board of directors formally removed association president John Clark (left), discussing the decision at this week's Tuesday public meeting.

Clark -- an attorney and former Mayoral and City Council candidate who has served as NCCNA president and board member many times over the years -- had met with recent criticism over his handling of member-driven initiatives to increase membership and more effectively engage city government in neighborhood affairs.  

The situation reached a crisis point early this year, with board and association members declining to attend meetings over which Clark presided.  Under association bylaws, board members provided Clark several opportunities to rebut their concerns.  In letters and other correspondence, Clark defended his position, strongly disagreeing with the board's position. 
In the end, however, Clark did not attend the formal board vote that led to his removal.  The board appointed a temporary president and will send out details of the change shortly. 

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