Thursday, March 24, 2011

COMO PRIDE: Former convention director Steiner rocks it in Florida

COLUMBIA, 3/24/11  (Beat Byte) --  With so many city government searches under way or recently filled -- new Columbia city manager Mike Matthes the most recent example -- we're hearing a lot these days about who's coming to Columbia.

But for fans of former Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau director Lorah Steiner,
the good news is about what she's been doing after leaving Columbia.  Steiner is the new tourism director in Charlotte County, Florida, not far from Sarasota in the southern part of the state. 
After 24 years in Columbia, Steiner faces "big challenges" in Florida, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported earlier this month.   "Every South Florida community can boast about beaches.  Amid a poor economy and high advertising costs, she has a modest budget of $1.275 million, even as county officials would like to see more events." 

But Steiner has plenty of ideas "to differentiate Charlotte from other counties."  She wants to expand niche markets like ecotourism.  She's also considering cooperative marketing with neighboring counties. 
"With the budget we have, and the challenges in front of us, you have to think outside the box," Steiner said. 
Hired after a national search, "she has a good feel, she really did her homework about Charlotte County and what it has to offer and some of the concepts she has to promote tourism," County Administrator Ray Sandrock told the Herald-Tribune.

No doubt, Steiner's diligence and continued success reflect well on CoMo. 

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