Thursday, March 3, 2011

EYE-CANDID: Helen Anthony for 5th Ward City Council

The "eye" stands for Internet in these candid candidate snippets
COLUMBIA, 3/3/11  (Beat Byte) -- After reading the online snippets that form her digital footprints, the first impression one might get about 5th Ward Columbia City Council candidate Helen Anthony is that she is accomplished, competent, and knows her way around that cliched construct called "a man's world." 
She also likes to run, averaging about an 8.5 minute mile, racing on the road rather than the campaign trail. 
Founding partner of a well-regarded general practice law firm in Needham, Mass., Anthony -- then known as Helen Jursek -- had a community service streak that played out in the suit-and-tie dominion of organizations such as the Needham Resource Network
A philanthropical arm of the Bulfinch Group -- a financial services firm based in Needham, an upscale Boston suburb -- the Needham Resource Network was "an organization of entrepreneurs, community leaders, and financial professionals designed to be a forum for relationship building, creative problem solving, and information sharing," reads a 2003 newsletter announcing its formation
Issues the group tackled included educating children about subjects they'd be less likely to tackle in school:  money, careers, and sound financial management.   Anthony is pictured in the newsletter with one other woman and seven men, best dressed of all. 
As one of 11 volunteers "who make a difference," Anthony was the story lede in a 1998 Boston Globe article about the "unsung, and sometimes unseen, volunteers who keep important engines running in every community," whether it be "giving someone a warm meal, or driving someone to the doctor, or keeping the Little League team in uniforms."
Globe reporter Marty Carlock called Anthony -- then Helen Jursek -- "a tireless worker on town planning issues" who was happy to remain behind the scenes.
"I don't have to be the up-front person," she said at the time. 
A member of Columbia's Planning and Zoning Commission for several years, Anthony is clearly still interested in town planning, but also now in moving up front.  She's running for City Council because  "the Fifth Ward needs a strong advocate, as it faces issues such as the construction of a new power line and the building of the Scott Boulevard extension," according to her website.  "These issues—and many others—require an open-minded student of local government, willing to do the research and engage citizens in productive dialogue." 
If Anthony is elected -- and she still plays golf -- she might give another Council person some competition on the course.  "Go Golf" reads 2nd Ward Councilman Jason Thornhill's automobile license plate. 
"Helen Jursek of Needham aced the 105 yard 13th with an 8 iron June 7, with Sue Boisneau and Mary Petrini as witnesses," reads the Golf Notes section of a 1994 Boston Herald. 
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