Thursday, March 17, 2011


COLUMBIA, 3/17/11  (Beat Byte) --  Longtime Columbia First Ward Councilwoman Almeta Crayton -- a well-known voice in public philanthropy and local politics, particularly in the Black community -- has endorsed First Ward candidate Mitch Richards, selecting him over three other candidates, including Darrell Foster, the campaign's only African-American contender.

"I think that at the present time I’m looking at the field that’s running, and he’s more in sync with what’s actually going on in the neighborhood than others who are running," Crayton told the Missourian Watchword blog.  "I’ve been talking to him, he’s getting out in the community, and I keep telling him he has to get out and meet the people. He’s going to get out in the neighborhood and see what we see everyday."

Defeated by current First Ward Councilman Paul Sturtz, Crayton served from 1999-2008. 
"She’s a former city councilwoman and she’s an important voice in the community," Richards said. "She has a lot of respect and for good reason. She tirelessly gave herself to the city—and still does—and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

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