Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HITLER BLASTS MIZZOU: Offensively raucous parody has Fuhrer furious over coaching

COLUMBIA, 4/12/11  (Beat Byte) --  Count on Youtube and Web culture to feature a series of short films starring an Oscar-worthy portrayal of German dictator Adolf Hitler ranting about virtually any subject. 

In the virally-popular Hitler reacts to Mizzou's new coach -- with 63,000 views in just three days -- Mizzou fans (and probably some foes) with considerable historical knowledge of the team's coaching history pile on the profanity -- and the statistics -- with the blustering megalomaniac taking MU athletic director Mike Alden to task for latest hire Frank Haith.

"He's never won sh-- at Miami!" Hitler screams.  "He went 6-10 in the ACC last year...Alden just killed MU basketball."  Der Fuhrer also spares no ethnic group, taking black and white potshots with equally drab disdain. 

Entirely German, the film's dialog allows satirists to add their own English subtitles.  The resulting Youtube video -- and the dozens of comments below it -- are offensive tongue-in-cheek of the highest order. 
"As a Jew I hate to say it, but Hitler is right," one viewer writes.  "If you are a Mizzou fan, this was brilliant," writes another. 
The four-minute Youtube short is part of a parody series from different Youtubers that plays off actor Bruno Ganz's brilliant depiction of Hitler's final days in the Academy Award-nominated 2004 film Der Untergang, which roughly means "Downfall." 
In the original, Ganz -- as Hitler -- dismisses all but his top generals, then explodes into bunker-busting rage about the German High Command's failure to follow his orders and -- as the allies approach -- the war's inevitable loss.  Complete with a tremor Hitler developed as the war wound down, Ganz displays the Fuhrer's ghastly, seething mannerisms with ugly perfection.  
Set in Hitler's bunker, the parody may even defy the old adage that when comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis enter an argument, the discussion is kaput.  Instead, this satire fires away at the insular insider culture of multimillion dollar college athletics, hitting 
more than one nerve.

"Never been a huge fan of theses Hitler parodies," writes TigerJon02.   "But Der Fuhrer is spot on here."   
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