Tuesday, June 14, 2011

COLUMBIA IS TOPS: For new college grads and real estate prices, surveys show

COLUMBIA, 6/14/11  (Beat Byte) -- Two new lists of top cities for recent college graduates and real estate price gains include Columbia, Missouri.
Of 146 metropolitan areas, the National Association of Realtors named Columbia one of its 2011 top ten markets with the largest year-over-year increases in median list real estate price.  Columbia homes had a median list price of $168,000, a 5.1% annual gain.  Median age of inventory was the second lowest in the nation -- only 60 days, compared to 95 days nationally. 
After suffering from plunging real estate prices, two Florida markets saw the biggest increases:  Fort Myers-Cape Coral by 25.7% and Miami by 8.6%.   Other cities on the top ten price gainers list include Tyler, Texas;  Charleston, West Virginia; Washington D.C.; Peoria, Illinois; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Anchorage Alaska.
Number 11 in a ranking of The Atlantic magazine's America's Top 25 Cities for Recent College Graduates, Columbia beat out a number of hip cities such as Boulder, Colo. and Raleigh, NC. 
To make the list, senior editor Richard Florida considered seven criteria:  unemployment rate; workforce in professional, technical, management or creative positions; median earnings of BA holders;  young people ages 25-34 in the population;  the population with a BA or above; opportunities to find a mate (share of population that has never been married); and availability of rental housing. 
Richard Florida studied 223 U.S. metropolitan areas.  

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