Thursday, June 9, 2011


COLUMBIA, 6/9/11 (Beat Byte) -- The self storage industry has a hall of fame and the Columbia-based family of one of its original members stepped up recently to offer storage to Joplin tornado relief donors
Mike Burnam, chief executive officer of TKG StorageMart Partners, L.P. -- a joint venture between Stan Kroenke and the Burnam family -- has offered storage space in Columbia for Joplin relief effors.  "We're happy to help," Burnam told the Heart Beat. 
Shortly after the catastrophic tornado destroyed most of the city on May 22, supply donors lined up, offering caravans of goods to thousands of displaced residents.  Problem was, where to put it all. 
"Joplin is overwhelmed with semi-loads of goods right now, but they will definitely be needed in the weeks and months to come," Central Missouri Food Bank director Peggy Kirkpatrick pointed out.  The food bank and Mid-City Lumber also offered storage space, Kirkpatrick said.
Burnam's father Gordon became a self-storage pioneer in the mid-1970s with Al Price of Boone County National Bank.  His firm, Storage Trust, was sold to Public Storage in 1999 for $600 million.  Several years later, the Burnams started StorageMart Partners.  
A second Burnam enterprise, Parkade Plaza, has also offered storage and temporary office space for groups wishing to coordinate Columbia-based relief efforts. 
"It occured to me yesterday when huddling in the basement waiting for the storm to pass that Parkade Center has one if not the largest basement in Columbia," said Parkade manager Ben Gakinya during this area's recent spring tempests.   "I would like to pass the message to the community that in the event event of a threat similar to that faced by Joplin, there is a place to seek shelter for those without basements." 

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