Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BADGE, UNIFORM, LOGO REDESIGN? Columbia police answer questions

CPD Old Logo
CPD New Logo
We received the following letter about decal, badge, uniform, and logo redesign at the Columbia Police Department (CPD). 
Have you heard anything about the police chief re-designing Columbia's police badges and decals?  I have heard the chief [Ken Burton] wants to do away with the current design for CPD badges and decals and replace them with his design.  I am concerned because of the expense it would incur.  All the badges, decals on cars, buildings and uniform patches would need to be replaced with the new design. 
 How much would this cost? Will this occur again with a new chief? Does the city have extra funds for this kind of superficial expense ?  If so, why not put more cops on the street instead?   Just saying.   Jim P., Columbia, Missouri
Sergeant Jill Wieneke, Public Relations Unit, Columbia Police Department answers: 
"Yes, the department is changing its 'logo.'  It is actually being integrated into the switching over of our vehicles to Chevy Tahoe SUVs and our uniforms (we are switching vendors).  I don't have exact numbers (thankfully I am not the budget lady), but every uniform and marked car gets a patch/decal anyway.  The badges are not being changed. 


  1. Funny how that question of expense was avoided altogether. Thanks for the confirmation that it will be happening. It would be nice for the people to have a little more say in how our taxes get spent though. And all of the police getting new cars, uniforms, patches, decals, and whatnot seem to be a bit wasteful of that money. Especially since it seems that crime has been on the rise as of late.

  2. It has a stark, hard-edged Orwellian feel to it, doesn't it?

  3. This is the kind of wasteful nonesense people are getting tired of. I support CPD but spending which will no doubt be tens of thousands of dollars changing vehicle decals, uniform patches and badges, building and official stationary logo's is too much. The new city manager Mr. Matthes needs to tell Chief Burton NO! Especially with the city cry babying about not having any money and wanting huge tax and fee increases to repair things THEY have neglected over the last 15 years. Don't give us that official beaurocratic talk about money already budgeting in the department for it so they have to spend it crap. As Mike pointed out in another post a couple of weeks ago, suddenly out city leaders have "discovered" we have a collapsing infustructure of roads and sewers. An immediate emergency requiring massive tax, utility, and fee increases. This after 15 years of almost complete neglect by our previous mayor and city manager. They spent money like a pimp with a week to live on parks, trails, silly social programs, bicycle perks, and other equally non vital projects. This wasteful logo change just adds insult to injury.

  4. Why the switch from an Eagle to a Crow?

  5. That is an atrocious reproduction of the Seal of the City of Columbia and the colors are awful. Not sure we need the added expense but I'm not sure it really makes that much difference. Clearly they didn't use a very expensive graphic designer. I doubt we could fix a pothole for the cost of new decals.

  6. You know, when they buy a new police car, they put a logo on it. I think that is what the spokesperson for the CoMO Police Department was trying to say. I dont think that they plan on changing all of them out atthe same time. If they do that, yes, it would be wasteful.

    As for the uniforms, I think that they use a uniform service, similar to what a car shop does, and they get turned in every week. Or something like that. So, changing vendors they can do what they want.

    And yes, the seal is UGLY...

  7. A lot less friendly and a lot more militaristic. . . Orwellian is right.

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