Wednesday, September 7, 2011

COLUMBIA TREE CLIMBER: Featured in Wall Street Journal for "new kind of workout"

Ann Koenig climbing
COLUMBIA, 9/7/11  (Beat Byte) --  A "What's Your Workout" story in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) features an unusual workout indeed:  Columbia resident Ann Koenig's competitive tree climbing. 
An urban forester for the Missouri Department of Conservation, "Koening, 38, can often be spotted on her lunch break climbing her favorite white oak tree outside her office building," the Journal reported.  
Competing for nine years, Koenig "was the only woman among 34 people who competed in June 2011 at the Midwest Tree Climbing Championships in Olathe, Kan."  She's been featured in several local stories about her tree climbing competitions
Rich with photos, the WSJ story describes various tree climbing workouts and even Koenig's diet. 
"Being up in a tree is such a beautiful, peaceful place to be and you get such a unique perspective. It's like you're flying," she says.

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