Saturday, September 24, 2011

ROAR! Jayhawk Nest lures high-paying business away from Tiger Town

COLUMBIA, 9/24/11  (Beat Byte) --  New Zealand-based Argenta Biosciences has chosen Lawrence, Kansas over Columbia, Missouri as the site for an animal health research center expected to employ 27 scientists with an average salary of $74,000 annually.   The new laboratory will join the Bioscience and Technology Business Center at Kansas University (KU)

The Kansas Bioscience Authority, city and county grants will provide over $400,000 in incentives to Argenta, a 6-year-old drug development company.   Originally, company officials thought either Manhattan, Ks. or Columbia would make better locations, as homes to university-based veterinary schools.  But KU's new incubator facility changed their minds. 
In six years, 21 new animal health companies have located between Columbia and Manhattan.

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