Monday, November 7, 2011

CARRIE 2? Anti-tax flyer does Stephen King-style riff on District director Gartner

COLUMBIA, 11/7/11 (Beat Byte) -- Carrie White brought down prom night with her telekinetic powers in Stephen King's famous thriller, and now opponents of a new downtown sales tax are wondering if Carrie Gartner might bring down night life with new taxation powers. 
Halloween may be over, but a ghoulish prank leading up to the November 8 CID sales tax vote has transformed District director Gartner, whom Trib publisher Hank Waters calls "the empress of downtown Columbia," into a vampire bat
A flyer opposing the tax imagines Gartner hovering over downtown Columbia with fangs and bat wings, preparing to drain the economic life blood from restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and taverns.

"Carrie Gartner and her CID vampires want to raise taxes on everything sold in Downtown Columbia to pay for their pet projects," the flyer -- distributed by a group calling itself Occupy the District -- reads. "Vote No on Nov. 8."

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