Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"GIFTED RETAILER": Nation's top décor magazine honors Columbia's Poppy

COLUMBIA, 11/8/11 (Beat Byte) -- The country's number one publication in gifts and decorative accessories has honored Poppy as a "Gifted Retailer" with an extensive feature about the long-time downtown Columbia merchant.

Poppy manager Lili Johnstone, say the editors of
Gifts & Decorative Accessories (GDA), "believes in doing something out of the ordinary that gets people talking."

Asked what she loves best about retailing, Johnstone said "getting to talk to people about art everyday and brainstorm with other artists" makes life at Poppy "never a dull moment."

Looking back on Poppy's 30 years in business, Johnstone shares some business, retailing, and even trade secrets with GDA readers.  Going "outside the norm to take risks," is the most important business advice she has received. "Customers are always hungry for something new and different." 
Greeting cards are Poppy's best sellers, and the store's most popular lines are "probably Stick's furniture, Maruca Design's bags and accessories, and Clara Beau Jewelry," Johnstone explains.

The best advertising, she emphasizes, is word of mouth. "Being in a small college town, word of mouth is very important as our customer base is constantly evolving."

Founded in 1917, Gifts & Decorative Accessories serves retailers, manufacturers, and vendors of general gift products, decorative accessories, stationery, greeting cards, collectibles, personal care products, jewelry, and gourmet food items. 
[Ed. Note:  Poppy owner Barbara McCormick has contacted GDA to correct a misleading impression in the Gifted Retailer story.  Lili Johnstone is not a new owner of Poppy and is not responsible for all the decisions behind the retailer's long history.  McCormick is not sure why GDA did not interview her, but the information in the story is otherwise accurate.]

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  1. Behind every "successfull woman" is a successfull woman. Great news, Barbara!
    James F. Fairchild