Saturday, December 17, 2011

DINERS DISH: Peking, Columbia's Best Chinese Food

For years, my wife has been singing the praises of Peking, a Chinese restaurant that used to be downtown but moved to a small strip mall across from Murray's on Green Meadows Road.
We eat there often -- lunch and dinner.  I've never had a bad dish at Peking, from the twice-cooked pork to the General Tso's Chicken, and the price can't be beaten.  The service is also excellent, and there's almost always room to sit, in a booth or on the main floor.
What's more, the food keeps -- an all-important aspect of eating Chinese.  Last week, my wife brought home several entrees, in both the styrofoam containers and the paper cartons.  We ate on them for several days, warming everything in the microwave. 
We aren't alone in our opinion.  Other reviews around the web are equally glowing. 
"Peking Restaurant is the best Chinese in Columbia. The food is excellent, the staff is friendly, and the food is a great value," from 
"This is some of the best Chinese food I have ever had. We don't go anywhere else now," from Google. 
"Peking has provided nothing but good food with courteous and friendly service. I particularly enjoy the delicious Egg Foo Yong and the Spicy Garlic Eggplant.  As someone who has enjoyed good Chinese food around the country and abroad, I rank Peking among the best. My family & I have been enjoying their food for 2 years now and have never been disappointed," from 
Peking Restaurant is located at 212 E. Green Meadows Rd.  For more information, including hours, phone, and a map, visit this Vox Magazine listing: 
Peking Restaurant

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