Sunday, February 7, 2010

ANIMAL RESCUERS: Columbia 2nd Chance announces amazing new HQ

COLUMBIA, 2/7/10  (Beat Byte) -- After 25 years of quietly plugging along on volunteer help and private donations, local animal rescue group Columbia Second Chance has done what the Central Missouri Humane Society, local government, and a so-called "Million Dollar Makeover" have yet to accomplish:  Purchased a shiny new headquarters on 38 scenic acres in neighboring Cooper County, about 12 miles from Columbia.

Starting Monday, Second Chance volunteers will start moving the organization from its current headquarters in the Brady's Glass building on Providence, where the group currently handles dog and cat adoptions.  

The new 6,000 square foot headquarters, which includes 1,800 square feet of finished office/living space with a kitchen, will serve as the new adoption center and house an innovative cage-free "cat habitat" where up to 50 cats will live "with plenty of stuff to climb on, scratch, and nap on" said Second Chance board member and former president Shannon Kasmann. "It will be a big, bright, inviting environment that should provide a great setting."   

The group will outfit eight 140 square foot rooms where the cats will live based partly on their personality traits -- outgoing, shy, active, older, or younger, Kasmann explained.  "We'll also have screened off outdoor areas, and a big, bright, inviting environment that should provide a great setting." 
Renting their present headquarters in the Brady's Glass building since 2007, Columbia Second Chance houses dogs at a 60-acre ranch in Moniteau County, complete with live-in, onsite caretakers "and plenty of space to roam," Kasmann said. 
The new Columbia Second Chance headquarters is located at 24687 Highway 179, one half mile from Interstate 70 at Exit 111.  It won't be open until March 1, so watch the group's website for further details before visiting.

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