Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIVERSEPRENEUR: Columbia startup makes Apple Apps, sells sunglasses

COLUMBIA, 9/16/10  (Beat Byte) -- In event-happy Columbia, a new high-tech company designs custom Apps -- individual programs for mobile computing devices like the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android -- that help event planners with conferences, festivals, concerts, or trade-shows.
Tyten LLC has already designed a successful iPad App for Newsy -- an Internet video news site connected with MU journalism school.  The Newsy app is ranked at #10 for free news apps at the iPad store. 
The firm's creator/owner, Raymond Troy, also operates, a site he bills as a way to buy cheap sunglasses and sunglass accessories that will shortly reach its 5,000th pair sold. 
"For Tyten, partnering with Newsy was a natural collaboration," Troy said in a press release. "As a website offering multi-perspective video news stories, their format translated well into a visually stimulating and informative iPad app." 
Troy is a Nuclear Engineering graduate student at the University of Missouri.  He was recently featured in as the "Nuclear Entrepreneur."

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