Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GARAGEZILLA DOMINATES: Sunday radio show; host suggests plaque with name "Garagezilla"

Callers blast city for "boonedoggle," host says let's make the name official
COLUMBIA, 7/6/11  (Beat Byte) -- "Garagezilla" -- the tongue-in-cheek name a local mortgage broker first attached to Columbia's gi-normous 5th and Walnut parking garage -- should become the structure's officially-sanctioned identity, with dedicated plaque and public relations effort directing out-of-towners to visit what may be the largest parking garage in small-city America.

So suggested KFRU Sunday Morning Roundtable talk show host Al Germond, after co-host David Shorr first mentioned "Garagezilla" and the phones started lighting up with callers. 

"I'd be willing to sign a petition to remove the top two floors," said one caller, who explained that he could barely move his pickup truck around on the top floors "without fear of scraping my truck roof on the ceiling." 

"We don't hear much from that assistant city manager who was the garage guru anymore," said another caller, who also criticized Columbia assistant city manager Tony St. Romaine for his cluelessness about the size of the garage and the parking study that led to its construction in this May 16 KOMU news story.   "Isn't he also the guy who was pushing those stop light cameras?" 
NEXT TIME:    We'll try to get permission from the local mortgage broker who came up with "Garagezilla" to identify him in celebration of his contribution to Columbia culture (or counter-culture, as the case may be). 

Tony St. Romaine on Garagezilla  ("Colonel Hogan, I know nothing.  NU-THING.")

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