Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"ANGEL PAWS" PET CREMATORIUM: Opens with Columbia animal shelter

COLUMBIA, 8/17/11  (Beat Byte) -- Concerns that animal shelters were putting homeless pets to sleep and disposing of the bodies in garbage dumpsters helped prompt Columbia resident Amir Ziv to open the Angel Paws Crematory, a full-service pet crematorium that donates 20% of its profits to the animal rescue group Columbia Second Chance
With partner Bob DeWeerd, a plant manager at Nordyne in the Boonville/Tipton area, "I looked around, and only found a handful of these services statewide," Ziv told the Heart Beat.  "We decided to open Angel Paws as a safer, easier alternative for people who want a humane, dignified, and caring way to deal with the remains of a beloved animal."
Operating on the Columbia Second Chance campus 15 miles west of Columbia, the pet crematorium may sound like an unusual enterprise.  But the time, effort, and expense it saves -- along with the sanitation it enhances -- make sense to pet owners, veterinarians, animal control officials, and shelter workers, Ziv explained. 
"Our first clients have been local veterinarians who want a secure way to deal with remains," Ziv said.   One recent client, he explained, was an elderly woman whose dog had been a long-time family member, but had passed away in a veterinary hospital.  After Angel Paws cremated the dog, they provided a decorative urn, certificate of cremation, and the "peace of mind our client had knowing that she didn't have to bury her dog."
"We provide a compassionate and sensitive understanding that comes
from being very close to our own animals."
Animal burials, Ziv said, are physically-demanding, especially when large animals -- a St. Bernard dog, say -- are laid to rest.  Cremation also removes any fears about communicable diseases passed along to other pets, from distempers to feline leukemia. 
Fully licensed by the State of Missouri, Angel Paws offers three levels of cremation service: Private, during which the pet is cremated alone; Individual, during which the pet is cremated with other animals, but the ashes are kept in separate retaining areas; and Communal -- pets are cremated together with no separation of the ashes. 

"We provide a compassionate and sensitive understanding that comes from being very close to our own animals," Ziv explained.  
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