Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boycott Atkins Corp. announcements

To support a boycott, several people have asked for -- and provided -- alternatives to the Atkins Corporation, a Columbia-based provider of pest control, lawn care, handyman and other services.  
The boycott kicked off at a Friday meeting after 4th Ward Councilman Daryl Dudley told the audience that Atkins Corp. co-owner Scott Atkins and Larry Grossman told him to appoint Rob Monsees -- a well-known Republican political operative -- to the city's Ward Reapportionment Committee (WRC).    Monsees immediately devised the unpopular Trial D, which would effectively gerrymander several central city neighborhoods in the Third and Fourth Wards, reducing their City Council representation by two votes.  See: 
"Of all the people you could have appointed who live in the 4th Ward, why did you choose Rob Monsees?" attorney Jeremy Root asked Dudley.  "Of all the people who have experience in city government, why did you pick Monsees?"  
Dudley sheepishly gave up both Atkins -- a WRC member himself -- and Grossman, vocal representatives of the development lobby.   Atkins -- who voted to support Trial D -- is also a principal in several development firms, including St. Charles Road Development, which recently sold large parcels to the school district on condition the district would spend millions on development-ready infrastructure. 
Atkins Alternatives:  
Lawn Care

The Lawn Company
Jeff Zimmerschied
Wingate Environmental Pest & Lawn Control, LLC
Tiger Turf of Mid-Missouri
Phone: (573) 256-8873
The Lawn Rangers
Email: thelawnrangerscomo@yahoo.com
Phone: (573) 263-0185
Tree Frog Lawn and Landscaping
Email: treefroglawn@gmail.com
Phone: (573) 268-5572
Pest and Critter Control
Steve's Pest Control
Critter Control of Central Mo
573 - 260 - 4010
Wingate Environmental Pest & Lawn Control, LLC
Bugs Fear US Pest Management
(573) 489-6785
Animal Damage Control Trapping
(573) 823-9834
Denning Pest Control
Home Maintenance Services
Ming Wong Maintenance and Repair
Columbia Home Maintenance
Swift Boys Home Repair & Maintenance

Neal's Home Maintenance
(573) 446-3719

Bruces Home Care & Maintenance
(573) 445-4918

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