Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WHAT PTA'S FUND: An Astonishing List

Grant PTA Funds the following:

1) $150.00 annual stipend each year for each teacher to help with classroom expenses

2) $750.00 annual stipend for each grade

3) School dances

4) Student tickets to local plays

5) Funesta, with a live band

6) School play funding, including copyrights, printing, props, venue, etc.

7) Babysitting services for all PTA meetings

8) School directory production and printing

9) Friday folders

10) Health fair, which includes breakfast for students and family

11) Landscaping, mulch, and floral arrangements

12) Playground maintenance and some equipment

13) Language club scholarships

14) Teacher appreciation events

15) Yearbook

16) Basketball team

17) Other events and equipment


  1. Let's see. The Grant PTA worked to raise these funds and decided how to use them to benefit their faculty/staff/students. While some of these items might not be worthwhile to me, I didn't give them any money or work to raise any of their money, so I suspect they wouldn't think it was any of my business. You aren't suggesting that they shouldn't work to provide extras for their students, are you?

  2. what do you mean by "astonishing"?

  3. I agree with the writer. I find it astonishing that a PTA should have to fund all these things. I know for a fact the school district doesn't provide adequate resources to individual schools, which is why PTAs have to pick up the slack.

  4. Sadly, what would be truly astonishing would be to compare Grant's PTS largesse with that of other elementary schools in the district. Not all schools have the attentive, involved, and well-heeled (relatively speaking) PTA organizations.

  5. The Lee Expressive Arts School PTA fuaschool relnds the following:
    1. $4-5,000 auually for the wonderful the Artist In Residency (AIR) program.
    2. A $50 Start the Year per teacher supply gift
    3. An Ice Cream Social
    4. The Three for Lee volunteer service program - asking parents to donate three hours a year in a variety of classroom and school related activities - this equals approximately 1,000 hours of parent volunteerism to help make our childern aware of the heart felt desire to make their school year the best it can be.

    These projects join a long list of financial, in-kind and volunteered offerings that the Lee Expressive Artsa School PTA seek to create for our administrative leadership- Dr. TGeresa Vandoverf and an amazingly cqaring and gifted faculty.