Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"CHEAP SHOT": Developer's son responds to attorney van Matre claims

COLUMBIA, 5/4/11  (Beat Byte) --  Responding to charges attorney Craig van Matre (left) leveled that his father Jose operated a TDD in a "haphazard and probably illegal manner," Jay Lindner sent the following letter to the Columbia City Council.  Van Matre made the charges in a letter to city attorney Fred Boeckmann for a Council meeting about dissolving the TDD.  


Members of the council, 

I feel compelled to send a brief note regarding Council Bill B 101-11 which you will be voting on at your next meeting.  Included in the supplemental material for this item is a letter from Attorney Craig Van Matre.  In the second paragraph of the letter is a malicious and out of place comment stating "The TDD was operated in a haphazard (and probably illegal) manner by Jose Lindner before his death." 

Rest assured that in no way was this TDD ever neglected or illegally handled.  In fact, the audits from the State of Missouri passed with only one comment about the failure to provide an updated budget after MODOT required the interchange funding to be placed at the end of one calendar year instead of the beginning of the next as originally expected.  Financial reports were accurately compiled and filed on time as required.  Additionally, the only money the TDD took in during its existence were developer funded contributions and those reimbursements from the city that were required by agreement.

The comment by Mr. Van Matre (who has never had any dealing with the operation of this TDD) is in very poor taste and could not be further from the truth.   My father, Jose Lindner, was a very well respected and valuable member of this community that added a great deal to the quality of life for all of Columbia, and I am amazed that someone would attempt such a cheap shot a mere six months after his passing. 

Although we have no problem with the Gans Road TDD being terminated, I can assure you it was legally operated by a competent board that even included a member of the Sapp family.

Thanks for your time! 

Jay R. Lindner
EVP, Director of Leasing
Forum Development Group

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