Sunday, July 31, 2011

4TH WARD NEIGHBORHOOD GROUPS: Speak against Ward reapportionment plan

Three Old Southwest neighborhood associations join rising chorus opposing so-called "gerrymander plans"  
COLUMBIA, 7/31/11  (Beat Byte) --  Three 4th Ward neighborhood associations have spoken out against a city Ward reapportionment plan that would place much of Columbia's Old Southwest -- as well as the Benton-Stephens neighborhood -- into the First Ward.  
The Quarry Heights Home Owners Association, the Westmount Neighborhood Association, and the Historic Old Southwest Neighborhood Association all oppose Plan D, which would take the Old Southwest Neighborhood out of the Fourth Ward AND the Benton-Stephens Neighborhood out of the Third Ward and put them BOTH into the First Ward.  
"Members of the Westmount Neighborhood Association (WNA) want to go on record that we oppose Plan D,"  WNA chairperson Catherine Doyle wrote Ward Reapportionment Committee (WRC) and Columbia City Council members in a July 26 letter.