Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Thanks for keeping on top of things that Channel 13 and local newspaper moguls will not. I wonder why the Missourian, with its minions of student reporters and their inquiring minds, avoid such stories.
-- Allan Rodgers, Columbia

Thanks for your great reporting. I enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good work.
-- Pat Barnes, Columbia

On our stories about county taxes, property tax breaks for developers, and the city suing Fred Parry:

Mr. Martin,
Congratulations on this issue. Good investigative reporting on the property taxes not being paid by some of the wealthy in town, and on Fred Parry’s case. The old print media wonder why it is failing and the competition from the Internet is one reason. Another reason is that, at least with our local newspapers, they have so many conflicts of interest that they can’t report the news objectively. In addition, they do little investigative reporting anymore. Your publication helps fill a huge gap and is a great service to us.
-- Name Withheld by Request wonder all those developers are bank rolling (county assessor) Tom Schauwecker. I think we should file a complaint with the next attorney general and take this story to the KC Star and St. Louis Post Dispatch. Here's where you can get Tony Messenger to run with a great story.
-- Traci Kleekamp, Columbia

Actually the intent for the Johnson Paint building for the short term (4-6 years minimum I hope) was to use it as a pollworker training facility. This year it is saving the taxpayers about $36,000 (and untold scheduling/setup/equipment security issues) in fees and costs related to having to locate rooms for hundreds of sessions over the course of a year. Just because it's in the paper(particulary the headline writer's summation of a story) does not mean it's true. Thanks.
-- Wendy Noren, Columbia

[Ed. Note: Yes, and years later the Ford, Parshall and Baker building remains empty and FOR RENT. Contact the County Commission. Their phone number is on the building, across from the police station.]

On Columbia "Pubic" Schools televised spelling error:
It was Dan Quayle who obtained some fame for a spelling error…although there is more to that story apparently:
-- Name Withheld by Request

Our story
DOG DAYS: Humane Society Faces Closure generated quite a buzz on the
Columbia Tribune's News Board:

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  1. Thanks Mike for doing alot of hard work on your Blog and keeping things in the proper perspective this community actually needs. It has inspired me alot and I always look for ward to your posts no matter where I find them on the local internet sites.