Thursday, December 11, 2008

REPEAT OFFENDER: Jailed at "Home Sweet Home"

COLUMBIA, 12/11/08 (Beat Byte) -- Melissa Guerra is in jail right now, but not where you'd think.  After a string of offenses including forgery, theft, and hangin' with felons while on probation, Melissa is doing time -- next door to you and me, at a house she rents in Columbia

It all started back in 2004, with an arrest, conviction, and suspended sentence for felony forgery. Boone County Circuit Judge Gene Hamilton ordered 5 years probation for Melissa.

Three years later, in August 2008, Melissa was arrested for theft; found IN VIOLATION OF CONDITIONS OF PROBATION and ordered to appear in court.  Although Boone County prosecutor Richard Hicks showed up, Melissa blew it off.  Judge Hamilton issued a warrant for her arrest and set bond at $20,000.00.

Two days later, Melissa filed a letter with the court, asking that the warrant be "recalled." It was.  A new trial was set for two weeks later.  Melissa failed to show up -- again.

Judge Hamilton issued another round of warrants. Two more weeks passed.  Melissa finally appeared in court with public defender Michael Byrne.  From Casenet, DEFENDANT ADMITS VIOLATION. COURT FINDS DEFT IS IN VIOLATION BY NEW ARREST, BY ASSOCIATION WITH FELON AND USE OF MARIJUANA.

Melissa was freed on bond IN THE AMOUNT OF $30,000 POSTED BY TINA M. BOZARTH BAIL BONDS for two more months.   Then in November 2008, Judge Hamilton ordered PROBATION REVOKED.   PUNISHMENT FIXED AT 4 YEARS Missouri Department of Corrections.

Finally. Melissa was going to jail. But wait!


Huh?  Wasn't Melissa just on probation for five years?  And didn't she just violate it?

Then there's the theft charge.   Arrested by Columbia PD, Melissa pleaded guilty.  Judge Hamilton sentenced her to INCARCERATION for LENGTH: 30 DAYS at BCJ (Boone County Jail) two weeks ago.

Finally. Melissa was going to jail. But wait! 

HOME DETENTION STUDY ORDERED. STATE NOT OPPOSED, the State in this case being Andrew Scholz, Boone County Assistant Prosecutor, and Manuel Tatayon, Boone County Public Defender.

One day before Melissa was due to appear for her 30 day jail sentence, she got the good news!  HOME DETENTION GRANTED IN LIEU OF SERVING 30 DAYS IN JAIL.

Ah, Home Sweet Jail.  Or is it, Jail Sweet Home?

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